Reformation of Self in progress... (azul_ros) wrote in azgoths,
Reformation of Self in progress...

In case anyone still uses LJ enough to see this...

From an AZ Goth list post:

I've just been informed that Tranzylvania will be closing on Friday, September 17th. I've been doing this night for 6+ years now, so its sad to see it go. Thank you to everyone for their continued support. You've got 5 Fridays left to enjoy the night -- don't miss out!

On a happier note: I am pretty close to securing a new Friday weekly spot to start the following Friday after Tranz closes, so I'll keep everyone posted.

TRANZYLVANIA | Friday, September 17th
"Drive a stake through its heart, and cut off its head!"

Doors: 9:30pm - 4:00am

Come celebrate the end of one of cities longest running weekly nights!

Over and out,
Rob / DJ nz.fkr
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