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Arizona net.goths

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This livejournal community is for Arizona net.goths. Use it to promote and discuss events, post opinions or information, or for any reason other than using it as your own personal journal.

brap of The Strand maintains a calendar of Arizona Goth/Industrail events. Check that out here:

Please no trolling or off-topic promotions, and please put large images (any images larger than a 450x800 flyer as decided by this post/vote) behind a cut tag.

If you're a rivethead at heart, you may consider azindustrial as well.
Good sites:
Arizona Goths Yahoo community: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/azgoth/
GotBlack.com: http://www.gotblack.com
Phoenix Fetish Fix: http://www.phxfetishfix.com

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