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Club nights?

Hello all! I'm back in the metro for a couple months, and was wondering if there are any club nights currently in existence in the Phoenix area? Last I knew, Tranz was no more, and Sanctum had crappy music. (If it's improved, I'd love to hear it!) I'm aware of the upcoming Faderhead and VNV Nation tours as well.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
Dancing Ferret

Dracula's Ball October 31st, 2011 with The Last Dance, Psyche Corporation, DJ Addam Bombb, MORE!

The next Dracula's Ball event takes place on Monday, October 31st, 2011 and includes live performances by The Last Dance (*exclusive East Coast show*) and Psyche Corporation as well as DJs Addam Bombb and other guests. 3 dancefloors of non-stop music!

Tickets are $16 in advance. All ages are welcome. If you want to drink alcohol, you must be 21+ w/photo ID. Admission at the door will be $18. Tickets are on sale now.

Advance tickets can be purchased *in person* from Ticketmaster or Digital Ferret, or *online* from Ticketmaster or IsoTank. Those with advance tickets are admitted first, before those paying at the door.

Dracula's Ball takes place at Shampoo Nightclub in Philadelphia, on Willow Street between 7th and 8th Streets. The club has a large enclosed parking lot which is free, but it does fill up early during Ball events. Doors open at 9pm and the event ends at 2am. In addition to live bands and DJs, there are vendors, candy and door prizes. The official DB website can be found at: http://www.draculasball.com/

PSYCHE CORPORATION: Psyche Corporation is an alloy. One part darkwave fairytale, one part cyberpunk celebration of all things godly and machine. Cellos and guitars provide an angelic element while the keyboards and sensual, edgy vocals suggest something...a bit more earthly (or earthy, if you prefer). Besides a bewitching live show, Psyche Corporation has an entire world of their own - check their website.
STAGE TIME - 10:35pm
See Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL-IhuYw5wM

THE LAST DANCE: **EXCLUSIVE EAST COAST SHOW!** It's been several years since we've hosted this outstanding California band at Dracula's Ball and we thought that Halloween would be the perfect time to fly them here for an exclusive show. Passionate and melodic male vocals, dark danceable synth sounds and goth-rock rhythm and guitars give The Last Dance an intoxicating sound that still rocks your socks off.
STAGE TIME - 12:05am
See Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Duv8yC1O3iw
All Souls Parade, Monkey, Camilla

HP Lovecraft: Exhumed/Roasted. Celebrating 121 years of Horror!

The Trunk Space presents
HP LOVECRAFT: Exhumed/Roasted
Sat. August 20th, 2011
7:30pm, $6
1 night only

Howard Phillips Lovecraft is a writer of infamous, if not notorious Horror Fiction, filled with dark forces and monsters (both human and Godly), as well as intense personal psychological terror.

Noted author of 'serious fiction' Joyce Carol Oates has said that Lovecraft "exerted an incalculable influence on succeeding generations of writers of horror fiction."

Despite being accepted as works of fiction, to this day people profess to believe in and follow the rites described in Lovecraft's body of work, and have constructed religions derived from them. This places him in a unique pantheon of modern genre authors, that perhaps only L. Ron Hubbard could be considered a peer to.

Stephen King called Lovecraft "the twentieth century's greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale."

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All Souls Parade, Monkey, Camilla

Dark Clouds at Trunk Space--July events.

ALL July 2011. Events @ The Trunk Space
Doors @ 7PM unless otherwise noted


Sat. 2nd, 9pm: The Strange Family Circus goodbye show. The Stranges are leaving town for a month, come help 'em raise some gas money--they got kids ya'll!
We'll also do a door prize for Vespertine Circus Tickets (show on the 5th)!

Tues. 5th: The VESPERTINE CIRCUS! 6 person multi-talented performers who have shared stages with acrobats & trapeze artists from both Cirque Du Soilei and Ringling Barnum & Baileys!

Thurs. 7th: on tour, ZOO (alum of Little Teeth), +Sungsang LP Release, and RUSSIAN TSARLAG, SHV, & SECRET BOYFRIEND! Blizardly noise, and more. Very eclectic night presented in conjunction w/ Yellow Canary Dance Hall!

Fro. 8th: Long-form soundscape art performance by gkfoes vjgoaf & WYLD WYZRDZ with locals Good Amount (Chirstian Filard), Tribal Leader, and Josh Bennett.
Dark vibes and hypnotic tones.

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SlutWalk Phoenix

In light of the recent revelations of MCSO's failure to properly take care of sex crime investigations, regardless of the victim's age, several of us are looking for help setting up SlutWalk Phoenix if anyone is interested in participating.

Cities around the world are doing this as a response to LEO in Toronto making crude comments. Apparently we have a problem here as well.

We are looking for people from all walks and backgrounds. This issue affects everyone.


For a history of where SlutWalk originated, check out the following link:


Tucson, Arizona recently held a walk and we are hoping to do one or two here in Phoenix within the next few months. Visit the Facebook page link above for more info. We will be posting event notifications for planning meetings and the actual events soon.
All Souls Parade, Monkey, Camilla

The Haters & Crank Sturgeon: Fluxus Noise April 20th at Trunk Space

The Trunk Space is proud to present
The Haters & Crank Sturgeon
2 legends of avant garde/fluxus art-music
Wednesday April 20th

Says The Trunk Space's JRC, "We are stoked to be hosting this show, it is a prime example of everything we believe art needs to be in this chaotic complacent decade."

The Haters--LA California:

Crank Sturgeon--Harpswell Maine:

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