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Following actual requests from America I have done a couple of new Goth photo books, currently only in the US Letter size, of CHRISTIAN DEATH, posed in 1984, and DANIELLE DAX, posed in 1983. Although my website was updated recently these are too new to have been included, as is the ALIEN SEX FIEND 1984-1985 one. Full details for all of these behind the cut, along with masses of covers.

CHRISTIAN DEATH 1984 US Letter Edition - £9.99
28 pages, 32 photos of a fantastic Christian Death line-up, posed in London during 1984, shortly before their Batcave appearance. 8.5" x 11", saddle-stitch binding (magazine style), white interior paper (80# weight), full-colour interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-colour exterior ink

DANIELLE DAX 1983 US Letter Edition - £14.99
56 pages. 64 black and white and 14 colour photos of DANIELLE DAX posed in London on October 4th, 1983. 8.5" x 11", perfect binding (flat spine), white interior paper (80# weight), full-colour interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-colour exterior ink

ALIEN SEX FIEND 1984-1985 – £15.99
The second (of two) standard volume of my Alien Sex Fiend books, this time covering 1984-1985. It’s 6.14" x 9.21", perfect binding, white matt interior paper (55# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (90# weight), full-colour exterior ink. 504 pages, 777 photos. Unlike a lot of the photo books this is a real cross-section of the early Goth period because as well as the band in their full glory, complete with all their Batcave-era stage muslin, dummies and spooky kitsch, you have friends and crew backstage and it’s got that whole authentic ambience of history, of the clothes, hair, footwear and makeup styles. The photos come from these sources: London Venue 1.5.84 - 119 live, 18 backstage, Derby Blue Note 10.5.84 – 108 live, Birmingham Powerhouse 13.5.84 – 8 live, 50 backstage, Brixton Fridge 13.9.84 – 197 live, 2 backstage, Camden Palace 30.10.84 – 77 live, 12 backstage, Chesham 30.11.84 – 58 live, 9 backstage, Dunstable 2.12.84 – 65 live, 28 backstage, London Hippodrome 28.11.85 – 26 live.

My other books, available in various formats, can be easily obtained through the links on my website at http://www.mickmercer.com where there are different sections. In each there is a direct link to the page where you can purchase them (which has also contains relevant info on content). These books can only be purchased online.

The two sections are for the written books – Gothic Rock Black Book (Author’s Edition), Goth Rock (Author’s Edition), Hex Files: Resurrection (Author’s Edition), Goth Giggery and Gothic Interviews Volumes 1 -3.

Then there are the Photo Books, covering:

ALIEN SEX FIEND (Batcave 1.6.83), ALIEN SEX FIEND (Batcave 17.8.83), ALIEN SEX FIEND (Batcave 6.4.83), ALIEN SEX FIEND 1983, ALL ABOUT EVE, AUSGANG (Batcave 16.11.83), AUSGANG (Batcave 5.12.84), AUSGANG 1983-1984, BONE ORCHARD (Batcave 31.10.84), CHRISTIAN DEATH (Batcave 4.4.84), CHRISTIAN DEATH, THE CRAMPS, THE DANCING DID, DANIELLE DAX (Batcave 12.8.83), DANIELLE DAX, THE DANSE SOCIETY, DEATH BY CRIMPERS, DEATH CULT (13.1.84), FLESH FOR LULU 1983-1985, GITANE DEMONE, GLORIA MUNDI, INKUBUS SUKKUBUS, JUNIOR MANSON SLAGS (1987-1988), JUNIOR MANSON SLAGS (Dingwalls 87), JUNIOR MANSON SLAGS (Int 1987), JUNIOR MANSON SLAGS (Late 1987), MELANIE GARSIDE (1993), ROSETTA STONE, SEX GANG CHILDREN, SEXBEAT (Batcave 1983), SEXBEAT 1985, SPECIMEN (Batcave 1983), SPECIMEN (Batcave 24.10.84), SPECIMEN (Batcave 25.5.83), SPECIMEN (Batcave 26.10.83), SPECIMEN (Batcave 5.9.84), SPECIMEN 1983, SPECIMEN 1984, SPECIMEN 1985, THE BATCAVE (10.8.83), THE BATCAVE (7.11.84), THE BATCAVE volume 1, THE BATCAVE volume 2, UK DECAY, VIRGIN PRUNES (Brixton Ace 6.4.83), VIRGIN PRUNES, XMAL, ZERO LE CRECHE (Batcave 29.2.84).

(You’ll also find The Damned, Adam & The Ants and Siouxsie in the Punk section).

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