Dr. Bob Kelso (drkelso) wrote in azgoths,
Dr. Bob Kelso

SlutWalk Phoenix

In light of the recent revelations of MCSO's failure to properly take care of sex crime investigations, regardless of the victim's age, several of us are looking for help setting up SlutWalk Phoenix if anyone is interested in participating.

Cities around the world are doing this as a response to LEO in Toronto making crude comments. Apparently we have a problem here as well.

We are looking for people from all walks and backgrounds. This issue affects everyone.


For a history of where SlutWalk originated, check out the following link:


Tucson, Arizona recently held a walk and we are hoping to do one or two here in Phoenix within the next few months. Visit the Facebook page link above for more info. We will be posting event notifications for planning meetings and the actual events soon.
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